Functioning primarily as a services delivery and consulting firm, LANTEC provides a range of client services that spans from one time specialisation training for simulator staff and instructors, to long term complete simulation training centre management and operations. LANTEC’s current long-term contracts are as follows: Canadian Navy Naval Operations School Halifax (terms for 3 years): All aspects of curriculum and courseware development and simulation training delivery since January 1996. Includes advanced shiphandling, and command endorsement examinations

US Navy Navigation Seamanship and Shiphandling Instructor Contract Awarded Jan 2007 (terms for 5 years): As a sub-contractor to L3/Titan of San Diego is responsible for curriculum and simulator exercises development for 9 US Navy simulation training centres which serve the crews of 290 vessels.

Kongsberg Maritime providing consulting services on product improvement and Train The Trainer and factory delivered system operator training for new Kongsberg shiphandling simulators.

Partners and Long Term Customers